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Just reading.


Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 14:46:13 -0500

Subject: Re: film on women of color and body image?

Some films that come to mind:

African American/Diaspora:
Kathe Sandler's "A Question of Color"
Ngozi Onwurah's "Coffee Colored Children" (warning: this one packs a punch)
(also by Onwurah) "And Still I Rise" and "The Body Beautiful" (her films
are available through women make movies)
Mya B.'s "Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality"

Some other Women Make Movie videos on women of color:

"Carmen Miranda: Bananas is My Business" (Latin American)
"Hollywood Harems" (Middle Eastern)
"Slaying the Dragon" (Asian American)
Pam Tom's "Two Lies" (Asian American)

PBS's American Experience documentary on "Miss America": Although it
doesn't focus on women of color only, I do think its use can lead to some
interesting discussion about racial and national politics and female


Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 14:12:04 -0500
From: Amal Amireh <aamireh@gmu.edu>
Subject: CFP: "Queering the Middle East"

Call for Panel Participants: Panel's title: "Queering the Middle East:
Globalizations, Contestations, and Resistances." For the Middle East
Studies Association Conference in Washington DC, Novemeber 22-25. We are
interested in critical papers that examine queer issues as they relate
to the Middle East, North Africa and diaspora. All disciplines welcome.
Please send abstracts by Feberuary 8^th to Amal Amireh
(aamireh@gmu.edu <aamireh@gmu.edu>) and Kristin Bergen
(Kristin.Bergen@gmail.com <kristin.bergen@gmail.com>).

Amal Amireh
Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies
George Mason University
OR Just things I'm eating.

Peanut Butter Balls (Paula Dean)

2 cups powdered milk
1 cup of honey
1 cup of peanut butter

Mix all of the ingredients together in a big bowl. Then take out a small pieces with your hands and roll them into small balls the size of meatballs.

Fruit and Dip

1 Golden Delicious Apple
1 TSP of lemon juice (from the plastic lemon)

1/2 cup of plain yogurt
1 TBSP of honey

Cut the apple up into chunks, what ever size you like to put in your mouth. Drizzle the lemon juice over the apples, so they don't turn brown. I mean I love brown, but not on my apples. Mix up the apples to make sure that they are all coated. In a separate bowl mix the yogurt and honey to make the dip. Eat by dipping the apples in the dip.

Balsamic Salad (simple)
Spring Mix (however much you want to eat)

Oil of your choice (olive or canola)
Balsamic vinegar
1TSP of Sugar
1/8 of a cup of Pine Nuts
Salt and Pepper

Put the salad on your plate. Drizzle oil, then balsamic vinegar, then sugar. Throw pine nuts on top of the salad. Salt and pepper to your taste.


Jan. 2nd, 2008

Despite the cold weather, I took my dog for a walk. I think I hurt him. At one point he got a cramp in his leg, which was evidenced by it contracting to his body then he continued walking/hopping without using it. After about 20 seconds he started walking on it again, but I felt bad. He had on his doggie sweatshirt, but that was not enough for the cold that we are dealing with today.

I wish...

I wish I had the will to study tonight, but mindless tv is more appealing.

Studying/Writing/Tearing Hair Out

I hate being a grad student because sometimes I have to work like a dog. I have spent my entire weekend reading and writing. Okay, I spend most of my weekends reading and writing, the difference is that it is summer time and I'd rather be outside.

The great thing about being a grad student is that you can convince yourself that you need lots of overpriced coffee and snacks. And my school's computer labs allow drinks and they don't trip about little snacks. During the last two weeks of every quarter I eat out so much because I cannot stand to make any food. My gf makes some food, but her work schedule keeps her away from the house a lot.

I'm not too stressed about getting things done, but I am ready to rest.


I am at a friend's house dogsitting. The benefits of dogsitting is that you can bring your dog with you. Unfortunately, I have to read for my independent study while dogsitting. Fortunately, the book I'm reading is rather good. FYI, I am reading Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination by Robin D. G. Kelly.

My girlfriend is here now, maybe we will have a makeoout party. Okay well the makeout party looks like it won't happen because my gf is doing training with one of the dogs. The other dog, my dog Tyson, is just biting too busy for treats because he is biting a bone.


Dog Ups, Dog Downs

The dog thing is...well there are hills and valleys dealing with a dog. Sometimes I love him. Sometimes I hate him. There isn't much in-between time. He takes up all of my time and energy. Good thing he loves his crate because I am trying to complete some summer courses.

I'm watching Kyle XY and loving it! Melodrama and bionic strength, what could go wrong? And they used the word lesbionic.


I'm coming out...

as a dog owner. It is kind of strange because I think of myself as a cat person. My gf has been wanting a dog for a year now, so I finally gave in. We got him on Sunday. The dog's name is Tyson. He is 8 months old and bad. He needs to get into obedience school ASAP.

My cat (7 years old) does not like the dog, yet. The dog wants to be the cat's friend. He does not chase the cat, he's curious about the cat.

When I got my cat, all I had to do was get him on a feeding schedule and make him sleep at night. This dog needs to be walked twice a day, and taken to the front lawn for bathroom breaks. He sleeps through the night with minimal barking, thank god.

Now I TiVo "The Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel.